• Name: Beta Lambda

      Founded: 1921

      Refounded: 1988

      Colors: Green, Amethyst & White

    • Founders:

      Lois Webster Cole 

      Helena Melvina Ford

      Fannie Belle Funk

      Verona Mason Gibson

      Effie Marie Lovegreen

      Hortense Marian Wright

      Ada Marie Kannard

      Dorothy Daisy Williams Posten

    • Refounders:

      Jennifer Michelle Boyett

      Jennifer Lori Dorsey

      Teri Leigh Fish

      Hilary Gail Flint

      Kelli Jo Heisler

      Hilary Brooke Richardson

      Chirstina Anna Thompson

      Sarah Virginia Thompson


      The Sorority of Beta Lambda was originally founded as the Sorority of Beta Lambda Mu in 1921 when an unique group of eight women came together to focus upon academics, social activities, and quality friendships in hopes of creating a very special organization. The sisterhood remained active until the 1960s. In 1988, another group of eight women were looking for a sorority that focused on creating lifelong bonds, dedication to academics, and strong commitment to community service. However, they felt that none of the current organizations offered exactly what they were looking for, so they went to the University of Redlands' administration to begin the process of creating a new sorority. Caroline Blair Schuiling, '41 had visited the University earlier in the year in hopes of rechartering her sorority, Beta Lambda Mu. The University put Caroline and the eight women into contact and together they refounded the sorority as Beta Lambda. 


      Grandma Beta (as Caroline was fondly known) was instrumental in preserving Beta Lambda's ideals, traditions, and history. Her deep connections to the University of Redlands began before her birth. Her father George Blair was a charter student at the University and she remained actively involved with the University throughout her life. 


      As a group, Beta sisters are known for scholarship, service,  leadership, and strong, lasting friendships. As individuals, Beta sisters feel free to be our true selves. Through our differences, we gain an understanding of our sisters, and acceptance and respect for others' opinions and beliefs. Our close and lasting bond of sisterhood is formed through our devotion to each other and the sisterhood, education, and service, through our ideals of reliability, graciousness, and beauty of character.